Callin' The Shots new DVD "Inspired"

Brian Pierog is back with Volume 6, "Inspired". The DVD series that redefined how waterfowl videos are made. Brian and his team only film hunts that 99% of American Waterfowlers would be able to do, on their own, here at home. You won't find a lease, any fancy guided trips or anything north of the border in anything these guys produce.
This DVD contains the highlights of the 2010-2011 season in Pennsylvania and Ohio as experienced by the Callin' The Shots Crew.
You will get to to see "Magma", the team's newest lab as he experiences his first season working for giant honkers.
Kids, Labs, Family and Friends make this crew click every second of the season, I think you will agree, nobody does it like this.
Grab your copy today, you won't be sorry!
$15 shipped